Agricultural Machinery 

Industry Trends

      • Rising and unstable input costs including raw materials and energy lead to inaccurate cost forecasting for new machinery designs and is a threat to your profit margin.
      • Around the globe, human populations and per-capita calorie consumption are steadily increasing, leading to increased demand for food…this in turn causes fluctuating crop prices and thus farm incomes.  Changing weather patterns are also resulting in fluctuating yields and volatile crop prices. Farmers are becoming more flexible in what crops they choose to plant or livestock they raise. The purchase of new agricultural equipment depends closely on farm incomes.
      • To sustain or jump-start growth in mature markets, agricultural-equipment manufactures may need to move toward increasingly cost-effective precision farming.
      • Globally we are seeing more and more government support for farming.  We are also seeing significant emerging demand for new agricultural equipment from developing markets such as the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

Industrial Machinery manufacturers who use Solid Edge consistently achieve significant benefits from designing their equipment in 3D and using integrated Solid Edge simulation, manufacturing and design management solutions

Some examples of the benefits achieved include:

      • 70% reduction of development time for new  machines
      • From concept to manufacturing drawings in  1/6 the time of their previous system
      • Physical prototypes replaced by virtual prototypes
      • Time-to-market decreased by 33%
      • Manufacturing costs reduced by 20%
      • Rework rate down from 20% to 2%