Industrial Food Processing Equipment 

Industry Trends

      • Similar food products and a growing awareness of the environmental impact of food packaging is driving demand for packaging with more customer appeal while maximizing recyclability
      • The need for a better return on capital equipment is driving producers to purchase more remanufactured equipment
      • IFPE manufacturers are facing increasing pressure on machine reliability, power consumption and total operating costs
      • Changing food habits and a growing population are driving higher demand for IFPE equipment
      • Rising and unstable input costs including raw materials and energy
      • Increasing concern for food safety making it essential to ensure equipment hygiene and meet all health standards
      • Food producers are striving to reduce their labor costs and improve safety and the work environment for their employees¬†

Speed up equipment design with Solid Edge

IFPE manufacturers using Solid Edge consistently achieve significant benefits from designing their equipment in 3D and using integrated Solid Edge simulation, manufacturing and design management solutions

Some of the benefits include:

      • Design time cut by 50%
      • Physical prototypes replaced by virtual prototypes
      • Capacity for new product development increased by 30%
      • Manufacturing time cut by 20%
      • Manufacturing costs reduced by 20%
      • Significantly fewer errors and part interferences found in manufacturing