Oil & Gas Equipment industry is not just defined as oil refineries, rig or tankers.  It is network of researchers and engineers, suppliers and more working together on the same project, and on a diverse range of machinery and equipment moving oil and gas, but also, mud and water.

      • Manufacturers need to adopt efficient product development and order-through-manufacturing processes to meet their customers demands for fast delivery of high quality machines.
      • Manufacturers increase their value to the customer, and their revenue, through added-value services including installation, servicing, upgrading and supply of products.
      • Customers want to understand what products and solutions are available to them before they engage more closely.  Having your products easy accessible visually gives confidence in your product. This also aids as a selling tool for your salesforce, they can show their customers the product, before it is manufactured. 

Oil & Gas Equipment 

Industry Trends

      • We live in a world were design teams are working 24 hours around the globe in order to be competitive and help reduce cost.  Being able to deliver such complex models from suppliers and customers is one a focus of Oil and Gas companies, like yourselves.  Siemens is a global company and we understand the demands of having a design team that works around the clock and the demands and challenges it brings.
      • While delivery complex models, we understand that you have to deliver safe and reliable products, that must work in all different conditions and environments.  After the effects of failures in the Gulf of Mexico (BP Spill) and others the industry is focused on making sure what they design and deliver meets all ISO and OSHA requirements (all government regulations).
      • Continuous innovation in production methods (for example, hydraulic fracturing) to access new resource types, and smaller and harder to reach reserves.  This innovation is possible through ease of design and getting new ideas out to the field faster.
      • As you might have notice we are truly living in the digital world, it is no longer science fiction.  You see more technologies to help simulate and validate work environments and products.  The digital way to working and designing, helps in many ways, give you safer more quality products, while being able to work around the world.

Faster design of quality products with Solid Edge


The Solid Edge Solution

Competition is in the Oil/Gas Equipment Industry is very global and companies are designing anywhere and deliver anywhere and it has become a focused strategy.

Siemens provides the product design and management technology to enable equipment manufactures to quickly adapt products for different purposes no matter where they are at.

In the wake of Deepwater Horizon and before that, Piper Alpha, Oil and Gas companies are subject to stringent health and safety requirements.  Increased compliance and environmental regulations affecting delivery and cost.

Siemens provides the product data management technology to ensure the integrity of product information.  Along with our Solid Edge Simulation and Femap applications, engineers have to tools to virtually test their products to make sure they are safe and meet industry standards & regulations

The rise of small independent service companies are helping to drive innovation of newer technologies and products.

Siemens provides a cost effective product development solution with Solid Edge.  With improved design efficiency, engineers have more time to develop new products.