Quality Policy
i-Value Tech Solutions constantly strives to improve its products and services to serve customer through excellence in all facets of its activities.
We are committed to create value to our customers by providing continual improvement on our processes, offerings, standardizing our methodologies, innovating support techniques which involves all our employees.
Our quality policy form the basis of our business operation and our strategies & objectives are reviewed cyclically to match with it and will align our business direction. Each of our i-Value Family member will be responsible for this quality policy and are stringent on it.
NON disclosure Clause

i-Value Tech Solutions shall adhere to Non-Disclosure Clause widely accepted internationally in executing its services and solutions.
i-Value Tech Solutions confirms not to use the confidential information disclosed to it by client for its own use or for any purpose except to carry out the discussions concerning and the undertaking of that service or solution.
i-Value Tech Solutions will not disclose such confidential information to anyone, including its employees; however i-Value  may disclose such information to certain employees who are required to have such information to carry out the contemplated business.
i-Value will take all responsible steps to protect secrecy of and avoid disclosure or use of confidential information of the client to prevent it from falling into public domain or the possession of the unauthorised persons.